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Mindful Munchies

Forego the chocolate bar or bag of crisps next time you reach for something on the go and grab one of these healthy, nutritious snacks instead, all made in Hong Kong

Nomsoftheday (nomsoftheday.com) soaks, dehydrates and bakes its nuts to increase bioavailability, reduce digestive burden and help you absorb all the nut’s nutrients including zinc, iron and calcium. They are available in three flavours: maple glazed rosemary pecans, spicy Sichuan cashews and garlic lime almonds. You can purchase them at several health food stores and clinics including X’TC Republic and LifeHub.

Family business Cacao (cacao.hk) makes guilt-free luxury milk & dark chocolate bars, dark chocolate bark and vegan pralines from single origin Fino de Aroma cocoa nibs sourced from Columbia. Its chocolates are made using the sap from the arenga sugar palm, supplied by conservation foundation Masarang, which protects against the deforestation of Indonesian jungle. Pick them up at Sai Kung deli Cheese from Far or order online.

Cocoparadise (cocoparadise.com) crafts natural coconut treats including Coco-sesame peanut butter chips, coco-cinnamon almonds and coco-toasted caramel bites. Free from refined sugar, chemicals and dairy products, they’re available across the city in locations including CitySuper, Classified and Green Common.

Happy Bites’ raw balls and brownies are made from ingredients including dates and nuts and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Its energy balls come in flavours including cacao, matcha and banana. Find them at Bite Unite and Nutsy Coffee Co cafes.



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