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The Rose Rituals offers everything from private art tours to wine tastings for a select group of like-minded members, founder Lois Lai tells Helen Dalley.

What can Rose Rituals members access with their membership?

We organise monthly events including everything from luxury yacht and car launches to private art tours and perfume making workshops. Once borders are open, we are keen to work with hotels and travel agencies to develop exclusive packages for members. 

Tell us about your partnership with Jetsetter magazine 

We’ve collaborated with Jetsetter to create a global membership club, Club Lux. Located in Hong Kong and set to launch in London, Shanghai and Thailand, there are 12 areas of focus: art, watches, cars, fashion, wellness, wine, spirits, airlines, hotels, jewellery, yachts and golf. Jetsetter has more than 75,000 subscribers, all of whom have joined Club Lux. Members receive Club Lux event invites, luxury travel deals and lifestyle offers. With more than 12 in-person  events a year, we are focused on building an exclusive private global network.

Why did you set up the Rose Rituals?

I’ve always had a passion for art, jewellery, music, fine wine and classic cars and wanted to build a private, intimate circle of like-minded people and bring them closer to the lifestyle they love. 

Who are your members?

We currently have around 80 members aged 23 to 60. Members are split 60 per cent female and 40 per cent male,  60 per cent local to 40 per cent expat. Around 40 per cent work in professional industries like law and finance, 30 per cent hail from the creative industry, 20 per cent work in fashion, 20 per cent are corporate clients from financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds and 10 per cent are employed at top management level within international companies. 

Tell us more about your events 

So far, we’ve launched or co-hosted a fragrance experience and wine tasting with French perfume brand Goutal, a private art tour with K11 Art Foundation, a lunch gathering and horse racing experience at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and an opera evening. Monthly membership gatherings are held at the Mandarin Oriental’s Captain bar, where business people, creatives and entrepreneurs can get inspired and engage with each other.  At the end of year party with Yamanawines, guests included the Consul General of Chile, New Zealand and Argentina.

What’s the difference between the Rose Rituals community and a traditional member’s club? 

We’re not trying to recruit super wealthy people who can afford to join the city’s most exclusive clubs. We are more focused on personality and reaching out to people who share the same interests as us. Our community is also more accessible and fluid, as you’re not going to the same location all the time. 

You have a background in architecture. Did that help you when setting up the Rose Rituals?

In a way, yes. In architecture and engineering, everything is structured – you build things up and put them in order. I’ve implemented that model into my business. 

What do you like about being an entrepreneur?

It’s exciting to succeed where no one has succeeded before, and you can control your own destiny. Success is sweeter when you are the one to take the risks.

What are the advantages of doing business in Hong Kong?

There’s an old local saying that there’s gold everywhere in Hong Kong. The city is recognised as one of the world’s most liberal economic systems with its free trade policy. There are no trade barriers or limits for foreign onshore and offshore investments and the capital just flows. 

What events are in the pipeline for next year?

In February, we’ll partner with Shanghai Tang on a Chinese New Year event, and in March we are hoping to do the first travel trip with members. Later on in the year, we plan to host pool parties at the Peak, yacht trips and events in London and Shanghai. 

Will you have a permanent location in Hong Kong where members can gather?

Yes. We are still working on the permanent club location but have set up our first physical office for The Rose Rituals, Club Lux, at the Center in Central. We’re able to hold events like champagne receptions, art shows and so on in the space. In the long-term, we hope to set up a permanent club for members to gather, with F&B service and entertainment. We’re also looking forward to partnering with golf clubs, art galleries and auction houses for access passes for members, so we can keep it flexible in terms of location.

What are your long-term plans for the Rose Rituals?

The Rose Rituals’ goal is to go international in terms of membership demographics, and we have connections with international brands such as Goutal in Paris and Prada in Italy. We are actively connecting with different chambers of commerce in Hong Kong, and in touch with the Hong Kong Tourism Board for our next wine x art project.

The Rose Rituals affiliate club, Club Lux, will hopefully launch in London, Shanghai and Thailand in 2022. theroserituals.com



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