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Artistic Endeavours

Comfortable and inviting, K11 ARTUS is Asia’s first luxury artisanal home residences concept

The ultimate residence for the global arts and culture community, K11 ARTUS is a luxury resi-dential experience that inspires cultural discovery and intellectual exchange and is Asia’s first artisanal home concept. Situated at Victoria Dockside, the art and design district along Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront, the residence delivers an upscale artisanal ambience to a community of like-minded individuals keen to debate intellectual themes in sumptuous, inspirational surrounds.

Home with a Social Conscience

As Asia’s first luxury residences with a social mission to preserve and promote fast-disappearing artisanship, the residence showcases traditional Chinese artisanal objects that date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties such as baibaoqian, wooden furniture inlaid with semi-precious stones and materials including jade and mother-of-pearl. The residences also champion another arti-sanal technique, guangcai, Canton porcelain typified by its intricate, brightly-coloured painting. These rare Chinese arts and crafts are handpicked for the property in collaboration with K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, a charity conserving and revitalising Chinese craftsmanship. Resi-dents can purchase the objects displayed with proceeds going back to the charity, while one percent of all room revenue is donated to the foundation.

A Transcendent Living


Drawn with distinctive spaces and handcrafted with precise configurations by Hong Kong archi-tect André Fu and his studio AFSO, the array of residences at K11 ARTUS transcend a home and become a reflection of its resident’s personality. With self-contained kitchens, added space, and top tier amenities, the residences offer the comfort and convenience of a private home while accommodating guests’ individual needs. Each artisanal home features a wraparound balcony looking out onto one of the world’s most coveted open-air views of the Hong Kong skyline and cityscape. Highlights of the residential experience, meanwhile, include an open-air heated swimming pool, sun-deck, 24-hour gym and living salon.

Soaring over Victoria Dockside, three individually designed penthouses by Hong Kong’s Joyce Wang, London’s Fiona Barratt-Campbell and New York’s nemaworkshop represent the pinnacle of the property’s accommodation and showcase the ultimate in luxury lifestyle, with contempo-rary furniture juxtaposed alongside thought-provoking art pieces creating a curated sense of place.

Luxurious Comfort and Convenience

Residents are ideally located in the centre of Hong Kong’s newest arts and cultural landmark at Victoria Dockside, with excellent connectivity to major transportation hubs in the city. In addition, residents can enjoy the convenience of round-the-clock digital concierge service, experience exclusive offers and with meals delivered directly from K11 MUSEA’s prime restaurants.

K11 ARTUS delivers an exhilarating cultural twist on luxury living to an artistically-minded inter-national crowd looking for an inspirational stay in the heart of Hong Kong. artus.com.hk



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