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Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga Estate Opens His Former Master Suite – Copy

Influential Asian architect Geoffrey Bawa’s former master suite and private quarters at Lunuganga Estate in Sri Lanka is now open to guests for the first time in its history. Located in Lunuganga’s Main House, the suite has been reopened by the Geoffrey Bawa Trust, which curated the interiors to leave them as close as possible to the way Bawa lived in them.

Furnished with a rare collection of original artworks, as well as Bawa’s personal library, the newly available Master Suite offers guests a spacious living area, a charming private courtyard with a sitting area, and a beautiful ensuite bathroom that connects to an outdoor tropical plunge pool. 

Lunuganga was the beloved country estate of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. Recognised for his unique ability to blend distinct buildings with their natural surroundings, the property was transformed into one of the most passionate and seductive gardens of the twentieth century and includes 10 bedrooms furnished delicately with antiques and art.

The Estate is now overlooked by the Geoffrey Bawa Trust, a non-profit, public trust that was established in 1982 by the late architect with the objectives of furthering the fields of architecture, the fine arts and ecological and environmental studies.



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