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Gonpachi, the Izakaya Magnate, Opens in One Peking, Tsim Sha Tsui

The Izakaya magnate from Japan has opened Gonpachi, a new restaurant in Hong Kong’s One Peking Tsim Sha Tsui, re-creating an antique Izakaya during the Edo period within a modern skyscraper by serving authentic Japanese delicacies such as fresh fish, Sumiyaki char-grilled chicken skewers, and signature homemade soba noodles.

The Kabuki Sushi Omakase dining section features 13 seats along the long table. Using seasonal fish ingredients delivered directly from Japan daily, sushi chef Harry Chang offers a premium Omakase experience that includes seasonal dishes such as seared prime tuna belly and lean tuna sushi; marinated mackerel sushi; Monkfish liver with Nara Zuke sushi; and Thread-sail Filefish with fish liver sushi. 

At the new restaurant, which has panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, guests can leisurely enjoy a series of Gonpachi special dishes prepared by executive chef Tony Leung, including Gyusuji beef tendon; chicken oyster and stuffed mushroom with minced chicken; and the newly-launched Miyazaki egg rolled omelette with spicy cod roe. Gonpachi also features a showcase of the chef’s noodle making skills and boasts a soba noodle preparation room with a large glass window. To exhibit the meticulous culinary spirit of Gonpachi, the top-quality buckwheat grown in Ishikari Numata, Hokkaido, is ground into the finest buckwheat flour, and made into soba noodles step by step and skilfully by hand daily.



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