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Lux* Tea Horse Road Shangri-la Opens its Doors

Now there’s a new place to stay in Shangri-la, Lux*Tea Horse Road Shangri-la, which opened its doors last month near the ancient city of Dukezong.
The hotel was designed by award-winning Yunnan designer Li Zhong – designer of LUX* Tea Horse Road in Lijiang and Benzilan – who embraced the area’s natural surroundings and cultural heritage.

Inspired by historic townhouses of the ancient city of Dukezong, the hotel’s 18 rooms and suites are built on the undulating slopes of Little Turtle Mountain. Combining traditional handicraft elements, sleek lines and a neutral palette with natural woods and materials, the design exudes rich Tibetan culture.

Curated by global hospitality group The Lux Collective, LUX* properties in China are located in off-grid destinations and offer immersive experiences inspired by the culture of indigenous communities. Lux* Tea Horse Road Shangri-la is a 10-minute drive from Shangri-La Airport, 20 minutes away from the Kadam Songtsam Monastery and Shikha Snow Mountain, and 30 minutes from Napa Sea Wetland Nature Reserve and Pudacuo National Park.




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