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Maldives’ Joali Being to Welcome Head Chef Patrick Godborg this March

Patrick Godborg, Head Chef of acclaimed Restaurant Radio in Copenhagen, will host a unique dining experience for Joali Being guests in addition to two immersive workshops next month.

For this, Chef Patrick will bring a little of Scandinavia to the Indian Ocean destination with dishes like traditional Danish cream puffs infused with local ingredients that support your sleep cycle; Nordic-style sustainable fish with pumpkin; and many more to be featured in a 5-course menu.

Chef Patrick has worked in a raft of Michelin-starred restaurants, including world-renowned Noma. As part of Chef Patrick’s culinary vision, he showcases the concepts of cooking and sustainable at the same time. The products that he uses for his dishes are 70% organic or biodynamic.

The first workshop will be in honour of World Sleep Day and will bring wellbeing and sustainability together around the mind pillar in Joali Being’s Learning Centre in collaboration with the resort’s executive chef Richard Siahaan.

The second workshop will be designed for the local community: 12 8th and 9th graders from

local Maduvvaree School who share a distinct interest in the culinary and hospitality spheres.



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