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New Dining & Wellness in Crete

ACRO Suites is a boutique wellness sanctuary on Greece’s much-loved island of Crete, will introduce its newest addition in April, a brand-new restaurant offering intimate dining experiences with a twist, plus yoga sessions that tap into the concept of mindfulness.

Only a short distance from Heraklion International Airport and set in the tranquil and picturesque region of Agia Pelagia, this luxury hideaway is nestled within the cliffside and boasts panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. A serene contrast from the rugged surroundings and the crashing waves below, the architectural design merges a bohemian, contemporary flare with the unique natural surroundings.  

This season, ACRO Suites introduces its new restaurant, Elaionas, based on an exclusive, fine-dining experience. To reflect its name Elaionas (meaning “olive grove” in Greek) the gastronomic gem is to be located in a pretty olive garden and accompanied by panoramic sea views. The menu will feature a variety of traditional Cretan dishes and guests can also indulge in olive oil and wine-tasting experiences.

New for 2023, the Cretan retreat will also introduce a weekly yogic deep relaxation session on Sunday evenings that taps into the practice of yoga nidra which is a conscious yogic sleep, induced by guided meditation. The sessions will be taking place in the hotel’s Asana Yoga Shala, one of the hotel’s signature spaces dedicated to wellness built entirely out of bamboo.



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