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New Jewellery for a New Year

Create a refreshing new style for the year ahead with sensational new jewellery from Florence-based jewellery brand Annamaria Cammilli, which takes inspiration from nature’s mesmerising landscapes to create pieces in its eight original and unique shades of 18K gold, glittering diamonds and colourful gemstones. Annamaria Cammilli’s signature finish “Aetherna” presents an alternation of shiny and velvety effects on gold surfaces, resulting in pieces with profound depth and enhanced three-dimensionality.

Presented in Hong Kong by Masterpiece by King Fook, Annamaria Cammilli’s magnificent creations include the iconic Regina collection; inspired by the sinuous movements of water, the pieces of this collection are delicately crafted with the traditional technique of lost wax casting. Glittering diamonds surrounding the border of the smooth curves highlight the three-dimensionality of the jewellery, reminiscent of the streams that sparkle in the sunlight.

Expressing the natural beauty of desert dunes gently smoothed out by the winds, the charismatic creations from the Dune collection are enhanced with diamonds and gemstones inlaid within the elegant curves. Derived from the Dune collection, the Dune Color collection combines the dynamic curves with gemstones in various colours, while the Dune Solar collection stands out for its circular design, a tribute to the sun. These enchanting and sophisticated accessories in different styles add vivid colours to daily outfits.

The enchanting curves of the Couture Collection pieces are layered to create alluring jewellery creations with a wavy profile and velvety gold surfaces, embellished with dazzling diamonds and gemstones that radiate romantic glamour on ladies, gracing their beautiful attires with unparalleled elegance.

Finally, featuring complex layers of curved outlines, the Velaa Color collection demonstrates the ravishing aesthetics of colours with the fascinating shades of coloured stones and glittering diamonds – a perfect enrichment for an elegant and chic style.



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