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Iris van Herpen’s Autumn/Winter Couture collection, Earthrise, is simply stunning, says Robyn Tucker-Peck.

The extraordinary Iris van Herpen is widely heralded as one of fashion’s most forward-thinking designers, perceiving haute couture as a transformative language that emerges from the space in which innovation and craftsmanship interlace. The symbiotic relationships found in nature’s intricate web, the invisible forces that structure architectural patterns and the mercurial dance in which the body and mind intersect all shape her visionary creative process.

Celebrating female empowerment, the maison values a collaborative design process with inspirational women and muses include Cate Blanchett, Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Fan Bingbing and Naomi Campbell.

Organic, innovative femininity is expressed through couture that embraces individuality powerfully and fearlessly.

Through collaborations with artists from all stripes such as the musician Björk, choreographer Damien Jalet and architect Philip Beesley, the brand challenges the future of fashion by rethinking previously unimaginable ways of haute couture.

“I want to give new meaning to couture and give it relevance in the age of technology. I see couture as the laboratory of the bigger picture of fashion and my aim is to show that it’s not about yesterday. I hope to make haute couture the engine of progress in our rapidly changing digital age,” says the designer.

Trained in classical ballet, throughout her career the designer has been fascinated by fluidity and the entangled art of movement. The mercurial dance in which the body and mind intersect have shaped Van Herpen’s design philosophy, including this latest collection. irisvanherpen.com



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