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TECH – A New Perspective

Swarovski Optik and Mark Newson collaborate on the coolest binoculars ever.

Dwarovski Optik teamed up with industrial designer Marc Newson for the CL Curio 7×21 binoculars, the lightest, most compact – and definitely the coolest – in their category. Presented in solid black and burnt orange with a silver bridge, they feature a unique, seamless bridge design, a key point of focus for Newson, who is renowned for his unexpected reinterpretation of simple forms.

Newson believes there is an “incredibly romantic” aspect to their project because binoculars are timeless objects. “Their function is akin to magic: they allow you to see things usually invisible to the naked eye. There are few remaining objects of this kind that still exist – a truly analogue device. Unlike many digital things, they are completely future proof.”

With many people refocusing on the great outdoors, enjoying nature-based experiences and taking a conscious approach to slow travel, the CL Curio 7×21 seems well positioned for popularity among design lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. swarovskioptik.com



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