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Portable and Powerful

Ready to upgrade your laptop? Then consider the Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360

Lighter, thinner and flatter, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 were designed to facilitate more frequent use and longer life cycles to better complement the increase in homeworking and online interactions.

The 13.3-inch Galaxy Book Pro 360, for example, is 11.5mm thick and the Wi-Fi model weighs 1.04kg, while the 13.3-inch Galaxy Book Pro measures in at 11.2mm and the Wi-Fi model weighs 868g. Their lightness and compactness means both models can be held in one hand and easily slide into a bag.

As with a tablet, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 can be drawn and written on, and used with the new S Pen, which is 1.4 times longer and 2.5 times thicker than the previous model. The power button and fingerprint sensor have also been combined, while the shift key area has been widened. To further promote portability, the laptops’ chargers and cables are smaller and lighter, while the adapter and mouse can be stored in a single layer.

The latest laptops from Samsung aren’t only supremely portable – they look super cool, too. The Galaxy Book Pro 360’s colour schemes include Mystic Navy, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze. The Galaxy Book Pro is available in brighter, two-tone shades created by combining Mystic Blue, Textured Silver and Mystic Pink Gold with solid black and white tones. samsung.com



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