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A good place for… cosmetic surgery:
ID Hospital , Seoul

With plenty of time to reflect these past few months, many of us are contemplating everything from spiritual retreats to dental work. Jetsetter introduces eight places to ring the changes and revitalise yourself.

Why go? An established location for cosmetic surgery, Seoul is becoming increasingly popular for everything from botox and fillers to intensive procedures, including double eyelid surgery and breast augmentation. One of the most popular hospitals for foreigners is Gangnam’s ID Hospital, which has English speaking doctors and an informative website including plenty of before and after photos to peruse.

What’s on offer? There’s a wide variety of treatments including facial contouring, rhinoplasty, mouth protrusion surgery, fat graft, brow lift and liposuction to name just a few.

What else? Price enquiries are available via the website if you upload frontal, 45-degree and side view photos.

Where to stay: There are plenty of hotels in trendy Gangnam: we suggest checking into the Intercontinental Grand Seoul Parnas, inside the glass-fronted Parnas Tower, where executive and suite rooms include access to Club Intercontinental. eng.idhospital.com; ihg.com

Good place to… access your own wellbeing butler:
Raffles Bali

Why go? According to a recent report by the Wellness Tourism Association, 44 per cent of travellers are looking forward to the wellness segment of their next trip, while the most important reason for taking a wellness vacation, according to 38 per cent of travellers is, “to return to everyday life feeling rejuvenated”. To reflect this sharp level of interest in wellness, Raffles debuted its Emotional Wellbeing programme, a new global blueprint for wellness, at new property Raffles Bali last Autumn.

What’s on offer? The focus is on thoughtfully designed spaces incorporating feng shui principles, nutrition for pleasure and serenity rituals, with each guest assigned a wellbeing butler to address their wellbeing needs, from energy healing to meditation. Following a successful pilot, the retreat concept will be rolled out to additional Raffles hotels worldwide.

What else? Sleep Serenity is a core component of the wellness experience at Raffles, with aromatherapy oils, eye pillows, pillow menus and calming goodnight cards to encourage mindfulness and contentment before bedtime.

Where to stay: We love the panoramic pool villa at Raffles Bali, where the pool gives way to Jimbaran Bay. Go bespoke with a remote hillside treatment at The Sanctuary suite. raffles.com

A good place for… immunity boosting:
Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket


Why go? The Ayurah Spa at the Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket has launched a post-Covid recovery programme, Breathing Recovery & Immunity Boosting, aimed at those who’ve had COVID-19, might be suffering from long term symptoms, or those who haven’t had it but want to prepare themselves for life post-pandemic.

What’s on offer? Developed by a renowned Thai hospital, the programme uses Western medicine and integrated medicine to promote a stronger, healthier return to the new normal. Along with strengthening breathing exercises, it will offer immunity-boosting menus for guests.

What else? Guests can also book in for treatments from the queen of facials Linda Meredith, whose clients include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss. There’s a Vichy shower room too, where guests can receive a horizontal water massage.

Where to stay: We suggest the Grand Villa Satis, a four-bedroom open plan villa with private pool and beachside sala that fronts secluded Natai beach. aleenta.com

Good place for…a medical check-up:
Executive Health Management Centre, University Hospital, Macau


Why go? Located at the Macau University for Science and Technology, this is a place you can get peace of mind on your health without boarding a plane.

What’s on offer? There’s basic & deluxe check-up packages, and men’s & women’s health screening programmes. Basic checks for cholesterol, diabetes, uric acid and liver function, while deluxe offers cancer tests and lung X-rays, ECG and thyroid testing. Package prices start from MOP$1,500 for the basic Standard A package while the men’s deluxe programme costs MOP$6,200. The women’s deluxe programme, which includes a pelvic ultrasound and ovarian & breast cancer screening, is priced at MOP$9,200.

What else? Just about to tie the knot? There’s also a pre-marital health screening programme, which includes a fertility assessment (semen analysis for men, hormone levels including FSH for women), starting at MOP$1,300 for the men’s standard check-up.

Where to stay: Stay away from the Cotai Strip and book in for a quiet stay in Taipa village at the Altira, which is around four miles from the hospital and has corner suites with circular stone bath tubs and a Forbes five-star award spa. uho.org.mo; altiramacau.com

Good place to… get rid of old habits and form new ones:
Revivo Wellness Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali

Why go? Revivo Wellness resorts offer a series of retreats designed to shake up your routines and rituals and create sustainable, healthy habits around wellness, nutrition and exercise.

What’s on offer? Its signature Emotional Balance and Mind Training will teach you to harness the power of the mind, so you can increase your motivation, transform your attitude and experience a more positive outlook on life with reiki, chakra balancing, personalised yoga sessions and Pranayama breathing sessions.

What else? It’s not all hard work… retreats also include facials and aromatherapy massages and three nutritious meals a day centred around foods high in iron, B-vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids: think whole grains, soy and avocado with a side-order of liver-supporting foods including onion, garlic and turmeric. The outcome f all this healthy, mindful, living, say the resort, is finding a work-life balance and even unlocking the gateway to peace and tranquillity.

Where to stay: Revivo Bali has 16 Balinese-style suites, with four-poster beds and outdoor dining facilities within a garden, courtyard or overlooking a private pool. revivoreorts.com

Good place for… teeth:
Dental Center, Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok

Why go? The Bumrungrad is one of the largest and well-respected hospitals in Southeast Asia. While it’s often frequented by visitors from around the region for medical check-ups, the hospital’s Dental Center is a solid go-to for any dental work, whether it’s repairing a chip on a tooth or booking in for one or more dental implants. The center has 11 operating suites and two paediatric dental suites.

What’s on offer? Bleaching, braces, crowns and bridges are among the procedures available, alongside more straightforward offerings like teeth cleaning and fillings.

What else? Telephone consultations with dentists are available prior to starting your treatment.

Where to stay: The Park Hyatt Bangkok is less than half a mile from the hospital. Park Executive Suites offer a pantry, dining area and powder room, and the Penthouse Bar + Grill on the hotel rooftop is one of the city’s best-loved eateries. bumrungrad.com; hyatt.com

A good place for…a mental health recharge:

Why go? After a year in which mental health has been at the forefront of many conversations and peace of mind eroded by uncertainty, the importance of focusing on mental wellbeing has never been as clearly acknowledged as it is today. Renowned for their serene settings, abundance of space and privacy, Aman’s properties offer a peaceful haven from which to rejuvenate, reconnect and boost your mental health.

What’s on offer? Plenty of retreats at different locations that will help you gain greater mental clarity. Like the As it is Retreat: Understanding How to Simply Let Go, which will take place at Amanpuri (19-25 October) and Amansara (1-7 November). The journey encourages participants to leave everything as it is, without judgement, to find clarity and solace in the present moment.

What else? Embracing Impermanence: Understanding and Acceptance of Change is the focus of the retreat at Amanoi in Vinh Hy Bay (7-13 October) and Amantaka in Laos (11-17 November). This retreat introduces the concept of Bardo, a liminal state between death and rebirth, and guides guests towards accepting the inevitable.

Where to stay: Reopening this August, Amanpuri’s famous pavilions are woven int the surrounding greenery by a network of raised walkways, while villas have their own personal chefs so you can feed body and mind during your stay. aman.com

A good place for… arthritis and other creaks:
Elite Spring Villas, Anxi, Fujian

Why go? Among the tea terraces of Southern China lies Fujian’s Elite Spring Villas, a collection of heritage-inspired buildings where hot spring pools bubble with hot natural mineral water drawn from deep beneath the mountains at these heritage-inspired villas. Rich in metasilic acid content, the thermal water here is particularly beneficial for moisturising the skin and delaying skin aging, and also has a curative effect on chronic rheumatism, arthritis and other similar diseases.

What’s on offer? Enhance your hot spring soak with one of the resort’s 14 different tea and herb-infused sachets, which are inspired by the Chinese five elements and focus on different medical efficacies. Beauty-focused guests can select a rose sachet to maintain their youth, while the health-conscious soak with a dang shen sachet to replenish their qi.

What else? You can also experience the soothing rituals of the Chinese tea ceremony at Elite Spring Villas, where pots are brewed using local, freshly-picked Anxi leaves. Alternatively, take a tea-tasting tour and sample revered varieties such as Iron Guanyin, a type of Oolong tea.

Where to stay: Anywhere here gets the thumbs up, as each of the 17 villas comes with its own hot spring pool for a soothing, private soaking. elitespringvillas.cn



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